Each year, we invite the outgoing Tiptree Fellows to write a report, to share their work with the Tiptree community in their own words. Our hope is that the availability of these reflections as an archive will provide a way for members of the Tiptree community to learn more about each creator’s work, as well as perhaps inspiring those who read them to create new connections. We are pleased to publish these reports below, along with information about the fellowship winners and their ongoing creative projects.

2018 Fellowships: Vida Cruz and Ana Hurtado

Report from Vida Cruz
Report from Ana Hurtado

2017 Fellowships: H. Pueyo and Shelley Parker-Chan

Report from H. Pueyo
Report from Shelley Parker-Chan

2016 Fellowships: Mia Sereno and Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Report from Mia Sereno: Our Filipina Monstrosity as Kalayaan
Report from Porpentine Charity Heartscape

2015 Fellowships: Walidah Imarisha and Elizabeth LaPensée

Report from Walidah Imarisha
Report from Elizabeth LaPensée

Inaugural Fellowship (2014): micha cárdenas