The Tiptree Quilt is based on James Tiptree, Jr.’s science fiction novel, Brightness Falls from the Air. In this story, humans and aliens  witness the spectacular passing of a fiery wave-front, and the incineration of the planet Damien, caused by the nova of The Murdered Star.

The Tiptree Quilt Story by Jeanne Gomoll

More information on the quilt is here. In 2014, for the World Science Fiction Convention in London, Jeanne Gomoll designed a visual history of the quilt, with detailed descriptions and archival photographs. The Tiptree Quilt Story, a 28-page record-album-sized book, is available for $59.99, and is a remarkable resource for people interested in the award, in quilting, in women’s collaborative projects, and much more.

$59.99, 28 colour pages.