The Bakery Men Don’t See cookbook. Edited by Jeanne Gomoll and Diane Martin
The Bakery Men Don’t See cookbook. Edited by Jeanne Gomoll and Diane Martin

Edited by Jeanne Gomoll and Diane Martin, SF3 publication, 1991








This Hugo-Nominated collection of recipes and anecdotes includes Guest of Honor speeches from the 1991 WisCon Science Fiction Convention by Pat Murphy and Pamela Sargent. In her speech, Pat Murphy announced the creation of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award. The cookbook’s title is based on the famous short story by James Tiptree, Jr., “The Women Men Don’t See.” The Bakery Men Don’t See includes recipes for baked goods, tips and baking stories by 55 fans and SF professionals.

96 pages, spiral bound, 7″ x 8½”



  • Baking Up a Storm, Jeanne Gomoll

Introduction #2, Diane Martin

  • Illusion and Expectation, Pat Murphy
  • The Sheikh’s Daughter, Pamela Sargent

Recipes & anecdotes by:

  • Hungarian Cottage Cheese Pie, Karen Babich
  • Individual Cheesecakes, Pat Cadigan
  • Tarte Au Citron, Sherry Coldsmith
  • Industrial-Srength Gingerbread, Maia Cowan
  • Banana Bread, Ellen Datlow
  • Grandma Duff’s Pork Sausage Cake, Camilla Decarnin
  • Schaum Torte, Camilla Decarnin
  • Stollen, Camilla Decarnin
  • Fontana Carrot Cake, D.C. Fontana
  • Creme de Menthe Squares, Karen Joy Fowler
  • Bubbe’s Old Fashion Strudel, Ellen Franklin
  • Mock Cheese Torte, Beverly Friend
  • Men Will Eat Anything, the Pigs; Or, Emergency Cake, Terry Garey
  • Caramel Layer Brownies (“Killer Brownies”), Barb Gilligan
  • Health Bars, Barb Gilligan
  • Chocolate Cheesecake Pie, Barb Gilligan
  • Grandma’s Secret Swedish Pastry, Jeanne Gomoll
  • Plumb Pudding, Rosalie Lindner’s daughter Gretchen
  • Ideologically Labile Fruit Crisp, Eileen Gunn
  • Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy, Jim Hudson
  • Spice Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, Bill Humphries
  • Bran Cookies, Phyllis Ann Karr
  • Tonight’s Kisses, Joyce Worley Katz
  • Angelina Giorlandio Kessel’s Italian Fig Bars, John Kessel
  • Bishop’s Bread, Hope Kiefer
  • Buttermilk Devils Food Cake, Susan Kinast-Porter
  • Gouciadadi, Nancy Kress
  • Cinnamon Bread, George “Lan” Laskowski
  • Auntie Cowsie’s Cookies, Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Auntie Cowsie’s Ginger Christmas Cookies, Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Biscotti, B. Diane Martin & Catherine E. Martin
  • Terry’s Million Dollar Cake, Diane Martin
  • Better than Doris’s Swedish Rye Bread (“Limpa”), Diane Martin
  • Vonda McIntyre’s Banana Bread, Vonda N. McIntyre
  • Banana Nut Bread, Jeanne Mealy
  • Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake, Pat Murphy
  • Sue’s Famous Rolls, Kathi Nash
  • Mrs. Peacock’s Chocolate Marble Cheesecake, John Peacock
  • Mildred Pomeranz’s Rugelach, John Pomeranz
  • Criniti: Romulan Raisin Spice Cookies, Lucy Rhonur
  • Russian Tea Cookies, J.F. Rivkin
  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake, Michaela Roessner
  • Brunch Bunch Muffins, Carrie Root
  • Rotsler’s Favorite Dessert, William Rotsler
  • Cocktail Nibbles (Party Mix), Richard S. Russell
  • Cottage Cheese Kuchen, Karen Schaffer
  • Kris Kringle Cookies, Georgie Schnobrich
  • Grandma Benton’s Cinnamon Torte, Tracy Shannon
  • Mom’s Roll Up Cookies, Andi Shechter
  • Noodle Kugel, Andi Shechter
  • Grandma Ethel Katz’s Noodle Kugel, Stu Shiffman
  • Killer Brownies, Julie Shivers
  • Passover Chocolate Cake, Leah Zeldes Smith
  • The Fruit Bread that Changes, Sarah Smith
  • Grandma Zimmer’s Cherry Cobbler, Laura Spiess
  • Mrs. Ehleiter’s Apple Kuchen, Laura Spiess
  • Vi’s Green Lime Torte, Laura Spiess
  • Mrs. Messerschmidt’s Brown Molasses Cookies, Laura Spiess
  • Chocolate Cowpies, Laura Spiess
  • Mix & Match Sourdough Basics, Susanna J. Sturgis
  • Chocolate Mousse, Karen Johnson
  • Baked Alaska, Geri Sullivan
  • Aunt Barbara’s Tomato Poppyseed Bread, Steve Swartz
  • Killer Chocolate Mousse, Amy Thomson
  • Rhubarb Tea Bread, Leslie Turek
  • Patrick’s Orgasmic Pumpkin Bars, Janis Wells
  • Chocolate Eclair Torte, Janis Wells