Khatru 3 & 4 Symposium. Edited by Jeffrey D. Smith
Khatru 3 & 4 Symposium. Edited by Jeffrey D. Smith

Edited by Jeffrey D. Smith, 1975; Revision edited by Jeanne Gomoll, 1993

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Originally published and edited by Jeffrey D. Smith in 1975, this symposium on women in SF included writing by some of the most well-known authors (plus an agent) of 70s feminist science fiction: Vonda N. McIntyre, Virginia Kidd, Suzy McKee Charnas, Kate Wilhelm, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, (the still mysterious) James Tiptree, Jr., Samuel Delany, Joanna Russ, Raylyn Moore, Luise White and Jeffrey D. Smith. The opinions expressed by Khatru’s participants are still amazingly radical.

This version of Khatru 3 & 4 was published by the 1993 Corflu 10 committee, commemorating the role of feminist SF in Madison fandom. This version includes new material by original participants and commentary by others, including Jane Hawkins, Mog Decarnin, Pat Murphy, Karen Joy Fowler, Gwyneth Jones, and Jeanne Gomoll. New illustrations by Georgie Schnobrich.

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The original symposium:

  • SF is suited to the needs of any group that feels itself to be oppressed
  • That’s a Girl?
  • With Tiptree through the Great Sex Muddle
  • Samuel R. Delany: Letter to the Symposium on “Women and Science Fiction” under the control, for some deeply suspect reason, of one Jeff Smith
  • The original anthology sweepstakes
  • There actually are women in science fiction
  • Commentary: Perhaps we should all back up and start over
  • Trashing
  • The sexist nature of the heroic quest form
  • Gimmicks are not enough
  • This is your life
  • Women science fiction writers don’t sell
  • Commentary: If only one could get away from the whole world but that would be lonely
  • Female equals nature equals death
  • Commentary: If men did not exist, would women have invented them?
  • Commentary: Any freedom that is granted can be rescinded

The symposium not long after Delany

  • Smith to Delany, 12/14/1974
  • Tiptree to Delany: 2/10/7

In a spirit of rambunctiousness—Contemporary material: Winter 1992–Spring 1993

  • Russ, 12/1/92
  • Le Guin, 12/5/92
  • Moore: 1/9/93
  • Wilhelm, 1/15/93: Where have all the women gone?
  • Charnas, 3/1/93

On violence

  • McIntyre, 3/31/93
  • Charnas, 4/15/93
  • McIntyre 3/22/93

Other voices

  • Jane Hawkins: When it changed
  • Mog Decarnin: Delusion and the feminist
  • Pat Murphy
  • Karen Joy Fowler
  • Gwyneth Jones: Khatru Sex Symposium
  • Jeanne Gomoll