Award Extras

Award Ceremony

The 2005 Tiptree Award was created using artwork from the Tiptree Quilt Poster.

The James Tiptree, Jr. Quilt

Award Art

Artist Darlene Coltrain (left) and Geoff Ryman with the silk painting Coltrain created, based on AIR. The artwork was presented to Ryman during the 2006 ceremony.

Award Song

With the Greatest of Ease

(based on The Man on the Fying Trapese)

He wrote the book Air with the greatest of ease,
Geoff Ryman is here, and he’s eager to please.
The means of production
His characters seize,
And now he has won an award.

In a faraway village, high fashion was born,
But for new technology, people had scorn.
A tiara is something
Chung Mae would have worn,
But Geoff gets to wear one today.