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Recommendations are open for the 2015 James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award.

James Tiptree, Jr. Award 1995 Short List

Winners Short List Long List Jurors

“And Salome Danced”
Kelley Eskridge, Little Deaths, Millennium / Dell Abyss 1994 / 1995

Anthology Link This story is in Flying Cups and Saucers.

Deserves a spotlight. A new and stellar treatment of an old metaphor-theater as life-this story is an exquisitely written exploration of the shuddering fascination that gender-limited people feel toward androgyny. This is also a tragedy imbued with a clear-eyed, chilly-hearted beauty worthy of the biblical Salome herself. A must-read. [NCS]

Little Sisters of the Apocalypse
Kit Reed, Black Ice Books 1994

An intriguing short novel, finely written, and thought provoking. Will probably infuriate many, but will encourage debate about our assumptions about men and women, social roles, and the effects on women of life without men. [RPR]

“Food Man”
Lisa Tuttle, ,

Anthology Link This story is in Flying Cups and Saucers.

A nicely finessed story about an eating disorder carried to the illogical extreme, gives food for thought (sorry) about body image. Who really “owns” the way we look-or try to look? Where is it written that women shall be thin? What are the sexual politics involved, the hidden connections between food and power-or empowerment? The ending was not unequivocally satisfying but the story explores some quirky gender issues and deserves to be recommended and read. A highly original story. [NCS]

The Armless Maiden and Other Stories for Childhood’s Survivors
Terri Windling (ed.), Tor 1995

This anthology includes stories and poems from writers known within and outside fantasy and science fiction, such as Louise Gluck, Jane Gardam, Emma Bull, Tappan King, Tanith Lee, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jane Yolen, and the editor herself, Terri Windling. They are of a strikingly high literary quality. Through retelling fairy tales and folk tales they explore the grim terrain of abused childhood, Tiptree territory of pain and cruelty. But while they explore the pain of children cruelly exploited, they also recount the stories of their growing up and the piecing together of their shattered selves into women and men capable of loving and being loved. A powerful, haunting collection. [SLF]

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