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James Tiptree, Jr. Award 1991 Winners

Winners Short List Jurors

A Woman of the Iron People
Eleanor Arnason

William Morrow 1991

“Four-square grumpy humor and effortless inventiveness. It explores the situation of a people much more obviously (if not more deeply) fixed in mammalian psycho-sexual wiring than we are (or think we are). No easy answers, no question begging, just a clean, clever job.”

“That wonderful mix of ‘sense of wonder’ (alien-ness) and shock of recognition (humanity) which … the very best science fiction has and which … ‘courage’ in SF demands.”


The White Queen
Gwyneth Jones,

Gollancz 1991

“The real reason this book is so good is its moral complexity. You don’t know whether to root for the heroes as they challenge the seemingly benevolent aliens or to pity the heroes for their xenophobia. Jones makes that decision as difficult for us as the decision to support the PLO or the IRA or the Mojahadeen (take your pick) is for people today. The book is infuriatingly and justifiably inconclusive; the characters are as confused as most of today’s viewers are.”

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